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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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vanessa marcotte's body was discovered off brook station road and burned sticks can be seen in the ground. one detective later emerged holding an evidence bag. then this new information that the man who killed marcotte would have injuries. >> scratches scrapes or bruises. >> reporter: she was a google manager who lived in new york and visiting her mother in princeton last weekend when she went out for a nd when she never returned her family called police who found her body according to a source it was naked and burned. state police have gotten more than 300 tips at this point. many from the special tip line they set up specific chicago for this case. we have -- specifically for this cat case. we have seen -- for this case. we have seen them walk into the war room and they are working off a partial autopsy results. they are hoping there's more specific information that will
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them with. in princeton christina hager wbz news lisa back to you. >> thank you. and again, here is the tip line state police have set up 508- 453-7589. if you have any information particularly about a vehicle you may have seen parked or on the road, authorities want to hear from you and you can remain anonymous. also breaking tonight, at 5, terrifying new surveillance video right here showing a moment that a pickup truck drove right into the path oncoming commuter rail train. >> louisa moller is live at the scene now in wakefield. >> reporter: well lisa liam witnesses tell me the truck drove through the safety gate here at the crossing before it was struck by the train a as we said it was all caught-- and as we said twarks said, it was all -- said it was ought caught on -- all caught on camera. >> at the going i was -- at the
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>> reporter: train signal sound as the truck weep around the railroad gate and what happened -- truck went around the railroad gate and what happened next was violent. >> the white pickup came out. i didn't see it and it came out of nowhere and the train hit it and it went down. >> reporter: passengers say a jolt was the only indication of the wreckage at the front of the train. >> well, we were going along normally and there was bump and everything stopped. >> reporter: the 70- to the hospital with serious injuries. now the mbta is operating at 29 miles per hour in a 30-mile-per- hour zone here. none of the passengers were injured thank goodness. they were brought to boston by bus and trains are operating normally on the line. live in wakefield louisa moller wbz news. new hampshire governor and senate candidate maggie hasan was in a car -- hassan was in
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school and high streets. police say another driver there ran a stop sign and hit the governor's vehicle. the governor state police detail was driving at the time and no one this was hurt. tonight at least two people are dead and others are missing after a massive explosion and fire at a maryland apartment building. 34 people including 3 firefighters were injured in that blast. the explosion happened shortly after midnight in silver springs maryland. the fire that followed building those inside hung out of windows as neighbors rushed to grab anything they could to try to get them to safety. >> i was sleeping and i heard a boom and my mom said wake up and there was a fire. the whole apartment shook. >> that blast so strong a nearby fire department felt it before the 911 call started to roll in. authorities say each apartment does have a natural gas furnace and stove but so far no cause has been released.
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a heat emergency and if you've been outside you know why it's hot and humid and uncomfortable. and this heat is not going away soon of the we want to check with danielle niles who is tracking it for us tonight. sweltering as it is. >> yes, it is. and we have another heat advisory actually that's up for tomorrow now. same areas 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow. all the areas in orange for once again the heat index values to feel like they are up have right now. 105 is the feels like temperature at logan airport right now. 100 in lawrence same in taunton. 99 in nashua. and 100 in concord and mid-90s in falmouth. so this is serious heat. you want to make sure to take it easy and take the precautions. we are 96 in boston. this is the hottest all day. same in lawrence and 96 in nashua and 86 in worcester at the airport with a little elevation, and lower to middle
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70s and that's a tropical soupy air mass and that's what's add together heat index. we have had a couple lone showers and downpourance a few brief -- downpours and a few brief showers. most the action is going to be to the south and west. we don't have to worry about any of that this evening and overnight tonight. so your planner goes this way warm and muggy tomorrow morning's commute 78. 90 by midday again. hazy and hot and humid. triple h weather. again pushing 100. we will be in the mid-90s for highs again. i am tracking multiple chances for thunderstorms. more details on that in a few. >> thanks. get weather updates any time by down loading the cbs boston weather app and it will give you live radar and you can get video for cast on your phone a -- forecast on your phone or tablet. david or a tease -- ortiz will be back on the field after
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inning. ortiz fouling the 99-mile-per- hour fast ball off his shin and lef but an x-ray showed no broken gons. on -- bones. bring it on. patriots -- patriots play the first game here in foxborough. no tom brady. jimmy group low will be in the -- garoppolo will be in the spotlight and steve burton is live on the field at gillette stadium. pretty exciting. >> reporter: it's a hot field no question about that. soon enough. preseason game patriots and saints and all eyes won't be on number 12 but number 10. jimmy ga rap low because he has to be -- garoppolo because they have to get him heady in a --ready in hurry. with deflategate jimmy has been practicing with the first team and last two days have been against the saints because joint practices. but he is not the eseaprn games different. >> pretty similar to last two
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you know, it's an opportunity p teammates. you know, it's obviously different than practice and different situations will come up and you doesn't know how many snaps you will -- don't know how many snaps you will called on tough perform. ou >> reporter: the guy calling tonigh to perform. >> reporter: the guy calling the game dan roche. >> i am ready to go trying to memorialize 180 names or so. >> reporter: but you got them down. >> i do. mike. wait. >> reporter: what should we ex >> no tom braid -- ga low. -- garoppolo. >> no tom brady. it will be garoppolo. he had a good preseason game number one against new orleans if he does that that will alleviate and the people. the patriots are trying to get him to take the next step and being the -- be the starting quarterback. he has lot of talent but
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won't may tonight. >> reporter: which is probably smart because you want to rest the guys and keep them healthy. gronk and edelman and company. >> the way things worked is joint practices the saints came in and bill belichick said it's a lot of good work for the first unit and they know it's control. >> reporter: first two practices ahead of time. >> yes and there's not a lot of hitting. this is the audition and this is huge for the patriots. this is where they build up malcolm butler and you will hear the names so keep an they could be a star when you need it. >> reporter: how much pressure is on garoppolo. >> a lot he may not know it as he comes about the business but imagine being andrew castle -- casel knowing tom brady would go down. >> reporter: matt. >> yeah matk cassell. this is jimmy's time to shine and he has to be good and if not we will see what happens but i think, you know i. think he is ready and patriots want him to be ready so there's a lot of pressure.
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hearing the pry broadcast tonight. >> -- broadcast tonight. >> see you at 6. one step at a time. >> reporter: it's tonight on wbz starting with patriots game day 579 pats and saints at 7:30. dan roche has the call and the 5th quarter post game show on wbz channel 4. that's the story here it gillett stadium. football is in the air. >> sound good see you again at 6. in the race for the white house hillary came out swinging today in donald trump for his economic prole a sis as she laid out her own. trump is trying to stake his position as the candidate to take on terrorism. craig boswell has the story. >> reporter: hillary clinton toured a manufacturing plant that she says epitomizes her vision. >> if you dream it you should able to build it and we will get back to doing that. >> reporter: she called for billions in investments in manufacturing and infrastructure and investments
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government seed funding could unlock more than 250 billion dollars and really get our country moving. >> reporter: clinton and trump have differing nos physical when it comes to taxes clinton wants to raise it on billionaires and trump wants an across the board cut foreone. for everyone. >> now she plans another 1.3 trillion dollar tax increase. >> reporter: and he lowered tax burden buses-- businessed should pay. >> i cut -- businesses should pay. >> i cut mine down to 15% for businesses. >> reporter: trump and clinton both chose michigan for the economic speeches because it's the kind of blue collar state that could decide the election. craig boswell, cbs news. the white house. we have new details tonight about this high drama over new york city that played out this time last night. this is the man who scaled the side of trump tower in manhattan.
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stephenen rigadda wanted a private audience with the presidential nominee and used the suction cups to scale the building and made it to the 21st floor before police grabbed him from the side of the building and pulled him through a window. et cetera now undergoing a melt mental health eval wigs. we are -- evaluation -- mental health evaluation. we are in for a incredible score. all you have to do is look up to the sky. new research says it may not be the case for women trying better than frozen. and 3-d printing gave this bird
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mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. i can give permission... i can give hugs...
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terests like the koch brothers have spent millions helping ayotte's campaign and she voted with them 90% of the time - supporting tax breaks that help millionaires and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens to too many millionaires and not enough moms. vo: afscme people is responsible
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we are in for a spectacular sight tonight. >> once the sun goes down we could witness the most impressive meteor years. this time-lapse showed last year's perseid meteor shower but when you see is nothing compared to what's expected tonight. >> last year it was a fantastic show around 50 meteors per hour this year we expect four times that amount. >> reporter: 200 an hour. tim brothers is an astronomer getting ready for a viewing party at wallace observatory in westford. >> showed produce a fantastic show.
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smith tutel. >> it's large comet 16 miles wide and passes close enough to earth that it leaves behind debris. >> reporter: the debrew is dust and -- debris is dust and side move fast. >> 37 miles per second so they've lot of energy and when they slam into the atmosphere that's where you get the glowing streak that passes. >> reporter: the fireballs are often incorrectly called shooting stars. but whatever you call them, they are gorgeous. >> even a have seen it, it never gets old. >> reporter: nope it doesn't. we should see the meteors any time after dark but the peak is expected around 1 in the morning. obviously something worth staying up for. so you've patriots first preseason game and news and wait a little longer for the meteor shower noon the broadcast will be later because we will get home in time to see some of it. >> it will be clear? >> skies will be partially clear so it's not going. >> that's key. >> not crystal clear but there's plenty of time to see
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and that's not the only thing you will see in the sky. international space station is flying by tonight just before 10 p.m. so it's going to be pretty cool. for a minute. that's it. 9:54 p.m. that's the time one minute 60 seconds to view it. 47 degrees traveling from the west northwest down to the west southwest. just want to show outovernight sky conditions by the way -- you the overnight sky conditions by the way. visibility is good vermont and new hampshire and southern western maine. scattered clouds that will be thin enough to see shoot stars during the course of the overnight period. it's all about the heat. check this out. 96 degrees the temperature at logan airport right now. dew points 72. heat index 105. it's a scorcher out there right now. and it doesn't matter where you go either, most of us feel like we are in the upper 90s, low 100s for the heat index. you notice the one exception on the map, nan nantucket 74.
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socked in with fog. 96 in boston same in lawrence and manchester. reaching for records but going to fall shy of the. the -- shy. record to beat is 99 but we won't get there. in terms of thunderstorms a quick down pours and a few thunderstorms earlier on in the lower connecticut river valley. now a couple storms in southern berkshire county and one severe thunderstorm showing signs of weakening back across central connecticut. a lot of the action is to the south and west. through the great lakes. we will stay unsettled for the next few days more rounds of thunderstorms. not tonight patchy fog develops wall and humid -- develops. warm and humid. mid to upper 70s for not very comfortable for sleeping. does this look familiar? very similar to today. high temperatures middle to upper 90s. once again falling shy of records. we will be in the mid to upper 80s on the cape with the southwest wind tomorrow and
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is going to be running in the low 100s. another day very similar to today. heat advisory is in effect yet again across southern new england. what about the storm threat. tomorrow there will be a chance of thunderstorms north and west during the afternoon. what happens on saturday and this is a big difference. the wind is going to shift around. so it does look like some relatively cooler air is going to work into the coastline on saturday. we may actually be stuck in the upper 70 toss low 80s and then the other side of the front we ul so depend on where you are saturday. either way saturday evening a surround of -- round of showers and down pours comes through. that's the front lifting north. sunday we come back into the 90s. sunday afternoon, ahead of the approaching cold front there's another threat for pop-up showers and storms in the heat and humidity as well. saturday will be cooler. running in the 70s right at the coastline.
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near 90 well away from the coastline. that's the biggest difference here and you will see it in the the 7-day forecast. cooling down slightly on saturday. so another day of heat mid-90s tomorrow. saturday will be in the 80s inland and 70s at the coast. and sunday we bump back into the 90s. at chaps of -- chance of thunderstorms. monday looks dry but we bring back a threat for a few pop-up thunderstorms tuesday wednesday and thursday and looks like it will stay muggy the entire time as well. >> august it is. thanks. tonight a flooding wisconsin. farmers are dealing with high water after 8 inches of rain hit the area. that water literally forming lakes around farm equipment and silos in one rural county. one major highway there even washed-out for a time being. we know back to school is expensive. the average family is expected to spend at least 650 dollars on everything from clothing to books. so tonight, a few ideas from the better business bureau to help you make the most of your cash. first, make a list and make
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items in your house. create a budget and stick to it. look for ads offering discount but read the fine present he and -- print and network with parents swap clothing and pull together to buy items in bull glk putting -- putting the brakes on drivers in boston. >> the drastic measure to keep people safe. >> and why simply spending time outside could add years to your life. >> and coming up new at 6, how coteined with th causing fears for local fire
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massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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mosquitoes carrying west nile have been trapped in needham and that means the virus is in more than a dozen communities statewide to. avoid mosquitoes experts say get rid of standing water wear long sleeves and pants after dusk and before dawn when the mosquitoes are most active. and with weather like this, as hot as it is, that is by-- advice ishe follow. could nature help you live longer and promising news for women trying to have a baby. dr. mallika marshall joins ons let's start -- joins us and let's start with the preg fancy news. >> reporter: i under-- pregnancy news. >> reporter: it's idea to work with freshen brieos but -- enbrieos but frozen may be better than fresh in some
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syndrome a -- a common cause of infertility and researchers looked at 1500 women with pcos and found those who received frozen embryos had lower rates of complications and a greater likelihood of a successful egpr hose who received fresh. consider -- specialist should freezing all embryos before transferring them to the in hom longer lives don't. they looked at data on more than 100,000 women in the found those withar?id shrub -- gardens trees and clubly -- scrubry enjoyed some protection from deaths due to cancer and breathing problems. the theory is vegetation can combat the health effects of pollution and heat but may also reduce stress. they say if you do something that's called earthing. >> what is that. >> reporter: you physically
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sand or dirt or whatever, that might be even more beneficial. >> that makes sense and builds up immune system but only for women. >> reporter: this was done on the nurse's health study. >> good we are not going to mess that up. >> reporter: get your feet in the sand. >> i will do it thanks very much. lisa over to y>> kids are golden in that respect. still to come, dangers on the road. eye opening new research about a growing threat to drivers that has proven deadly around here. plus, a commotion in the courtroom when an uber collapses. and we update the breaking news in princeton tonight. police say a jogger who was murdered on a sunday afternoon run struggled with her attacker and that he would have scrapes and scratches and bruises. we will have the latest information from a police news conference coming up after the break. and as we head to break, here's a live look outside with conditions on the zakim bridge. that's slow going right there of the we will be back after this.
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from the chapel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 5. >> breaking news off the top at 5:30 we have a better picture of the suspect wanted in the the murder of the princeton jogger. >> vanessa marcotte strugel with the attacker and -- struggled with the attacker
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fresh scratches scrapes or bruises and they are narrowing the timeline in the case. >> we are focusing on a more narrow timeline on sunday between 1 and 3 p.m. on brook station road in princeton mass and we would ask that anyone will object any vehicle moving on the road or parked on the road during the 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. time frame contact the state police tip 7589. >> investigators returned to the crime scene today. teams of police searching in the princeton woods looking for any new evidence and we did see one careying a brown evidence bag out -- carrying a brown evidence bag out of the woods. new video of a uber drivercollapsing in court. he was overcome with emotion. the accusations are disturbing. police say the driver befrenned a 16-year-old offered to drive
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court. >> this is a sexual assault allegation. >> reporter: darnell booth a uber driver suspected of shaking a girl shakes his head before fainting. after a temporary recess he returned as prosecutors revealed new details in the case. >> the victim in this case who is 16 years old took an uber car. >> reporter: assistant da says the girl's father called the driver to bring her home. prosecutors say during the ride booth flirted with he reached out to her on snapchat. >> the person we alleged to be mr. booth asked her to come outside of the house at 11:30 at night on july 4th. she didn't go outside of the house. >> reporter: on july 5 she told investigators she woke up late and missed the school bus and through another snapchat conversation he picked her up from the home and was supposed to take her to school and instead they say he drove another a parking lot in everett and raped her. his attorney says there are


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